Kids' Stories and Paintings by Cathryn McNamee
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Best story books ever! We have a huge collection of story books,and Yours are the ones that come out most are a gifted talented writer with the understanding and imagination of every child out there! Love you!
Libby Clinch - 28 May 2015
I would like to take a moment and say thank you for your warm welcome last night at the artist reunion. Truly appreciated that. On the same token I was also wondering if you have a price list for your children book. Thank you Diane
Diane Terlier - 18 Sep 2014
I think your work is wonderful! Keep it up!
Joey Simons - 15 Aug 2014
My children love them. Ask me to read over and over. Want to purchase more..
George Alexander - 17 Jun 2014
Very nice! I like it. xo joey
Joey Simons - 15 Jun 2014
True I have illustrated a few of your books, but iI believe in your vision and love your stories. I am a true fan. Keep it up!
Bev Wight - 12 Jun 2014
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